We’re thrilled you’re checking out our webpage dedicated to Shorthorn cattle. We have 3 generations working hard to meticulously breed and assemble a progressive herd that we think will impress you.


Our Mission

We have been raising Shorthorn cattle in the heart of Oklahoma for over 25 years. We have grown our small herd of less than 20 cows to over 100 breeding females. We think we have something for every cattleman and would love for you to visit.


We continually strive to improve our herd. We retain only the best animals and add females and herd sires that will improve and grow our herd. We have an active ET and AI program, incorporating the very best genetics from across the US. Our cattle graze native and bermuda grasses in the summer with no additional feed input. We want cattle that can perform in the show ring and in the feedlot.


We are a true family operation. We work long hours between the cattle operation, “real jobs”, and extracurricular activities. We wouldn’t have it any other way though and can always make time to talk Shorthorns.